A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Explore, Solve, Fight!

Pass through ancient ruins built by aliens to activate a
long-forgotten mechanism that is your only hope in saving the world.

But it isn't that easy: First, you have to overcome a variety of puzzles!
One harder than the other.

And when you think that you are finally able to catch a break,
you find yourself trapped in a room with the hostile guardians of the ruins.
But you are not unprepared!
Your staff and the burning hot projectiles of the Tea Drinker's Hat
will help you out of this predicament.


Don't let your anxiety take over!

Not all traps are something you can physically defeat!
Being the chosen hero sure is a lot of pressure!
Keep your anxiety in check before you're overcome with despair
and become unable to move!




* You can alternatively also use 'E' to interact on the keyboard
* On QWERTY keyboards 'Y' is 'Z'


Project Management, Programming, Marketing

Art, Marketing, Level Design

Art, Asset Pipeline Coordination

Programming, Tooling, Shaders

Programming, Level Design

Art Direction, Character Art, Animations

Sound Design

Sound Design

Additional Art


Korine v0.5.1 macOS 206 MB
Korine v0.5.2 Windows 219 MB
Korine v0.5.2 Linux 249 MB


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Really great little game. The controls feel very responsive and the artstyle manages to be cozy and threatening at the same time :D The music also works well in conjunction with everything else. 
I would love to explore more about the lore of this world!


Thanks for playing our game! Glad that you liked the art style: Cozy and threatening is exactly what we aimed for! And we're also super excited to expand on the lore.


Cute little Game. Would love to have a different button layout for keyboard. Love the art.


Thanks for playing! Yeah, we definitely need to add the option to change the keys in the settings in the long run but for now we focussed more on the overall game stability and controller support. 

If you like, feel free to tell us which changes you would like. If we see a general demand for a specific button layout we could create a patch that changes it.

For now: I hope you were still able to enjoy the game!


Beautiful game! Very well put together. Feels polished and thought out. Love the art and overall aesthetic. The levels are beautiful and the animations are smooth. Definitely worth a try if you like these types of games :)


Thanks for playing and for your kind words! We definitely tried to put a lot of work into the art, animations, and overall polish! Thanks for noticing! :)


Great atmosphere, artwork and nice music! The controller layout could be different for my taste, but I am certainly interested in a longer version of this. Seems like a nice story with a good combination of combat and puzzle :D


Thanks for playing! Glad that you liked the combo and cool that you're excited to play more! We're also excited to create more!

We'll probably at some point add an option to change the key layout. I hope for now it didn't affect your experience of the game too much.

If you like, feel free to tell us which control changes you would like. If we see a general demand for a specific button layout we could create a patch that changes it.


A nice short demo, with some neat simple puzzles, would be cool to see some of them expanded on.


Thanks for playing and your kind words! We're also excited to expand!